2nd Sunday of Lent 2019

Mar 19, 2019

SECOND SUNDAY OF LENT - Fr. Randall P Patterson

The Second Sunday of Lent celebrates the epiphanies of God –epiphanies reveal God’s presence.

God led Abram to marvel at the stars of night – God was present - building faith and trust in him. Jesus invited the disciples to be with him in prayer – and it became the greatest revelation they had ever received – God was present. The message was clear and crisp:  “Listen to him.”

Although we can’t enjoy the same encounters with God – the gospels were written - so that we can contemplate Jesus -and learn how Jesus is God - for us. So how can we listen to Jesus in our own time?

First – we listen to Jesus in prayer - prayer is essential – not formulas – prayer that comes from the heart is the best. We place ourselves in God’s holy presence –    and reflect on a gospel passage and/or the words of Jesus. That kind of prayer is important - because we come to adopt Jesus’ way of thinking – his hopes for us and the world – and even his way of praying.

Remember:  Prayer doesn’t change God – it changes us.

Second – Jesus is present in people like yourselves – in women & men who live lives of Christian commitment. Your integrity somehow strengthens me and others – your religious sentiments inspire me and others – your steadfast endurance gives me and others – confidence in God’s grace – that enables all this to happen. God is revealed in those who get involved in bettering the lives of others. God’s love is seen in the compassionate – God’s understanding is seen in the patient – God’s mercy is seen in the forgiving. God can use us to transfigure others. And there are many among us - whose example we can imitate –       the painter or the carpenter who take pride in doing a job well done the person who looks in on a neighbor who is ill – the grandparent willing to look after the children – the student who appreciates a teacher’s commitment. God is revealed in very ordinary ways – if we but open our eyes to see.

Who – by their life - has helped you to appreciate better who Jesus is?