Discerning God's Plan For Your Life!

Mission Statement: To share in the vision for a more vocation minded parish through Prayer, Education and Encouragement opportunities

Ministry Head: Father Randall Patterson

Chairperson: Mark Balistreri marke911@aol.com. 518-281-6788

       Secretary/Communication Coordinator: Mary Eaton

        Members: Peggy Cullen, Julie Darling, Adam Feisthamel, Dave Nagy


The Vocation of Marriage - learn more from For Your Marriage.org



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Contact the Vocation Team in the Albany Diocese or to learn more about the call to priesthood, consecrated life or the permanent diaconate!
Shadow a Religious in the Albany Diocese Fr. Anthony F. Ligato
From Ascension Press, Sister Maris Stella tells the story of how she found her vocation with the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville. Beforehand she had a comfortable life with many friends, was in college and had a boyfriend. But when she chose the religious life, she began the greatest adventure of her life.