Annual Joseph's House and Shelter Winter Walk for the Homeless


    Annual Winter Walk for the Homeless 2017

Saturday, December 2th from 2-4pm

ALL Parishioners Families and Friends are WELCOME to join us

On Sat., Dec. 2th our OLV-0LS Youth Ministry will meet at 1:45 pm at the Little Italy Outdoor Marketplace located on Hill Street (bordered by Liberty Street and Fifth Avenue).  We will walk as a group through downtown Troy, followed by a traditional Italian Posada where Mary, Joseph and animals will go door to door looking for space in the Inn.   The Posada will end at the Hill Street Inn with more music by the band and refreshments.

Parents/Guardians, you are invited to join us! If you do not plan to stay, please fill out a permission form, return it to me at or before the walk and plan to pick up your teen at 4 pm at the Hill Street Inn. 
Participants are asked to collect pledges and donations prior to the Walk  A pledge sheet is provided for you to keep track of sponsors and their donations.  

Before the Walk 

  1. Ask people to sponsor you: friends, family, teachers, classmates, teammates, etc.  Use Thanksgiving gatherings as an opportunity to ask your family and relatives to sponsor you for this great cause!
  2. Collect all donations/pledges before the Walk, and have your money ready to hand into me at the Walk.
  3. ALL CHECKS need to be made out to Joseph's House and Shelter WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY CHECKS MADE OUT TO OLV!

YOUTH: Make a sign to carry with you that represents OLV/OLS and perhaps add facts about the Homeless to provide awareness to others!

There is no limit for participation! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Eaton at

Thank you for your participation in this important fundraising event for Joseph's House and Shelter!